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Add Gun-Juggling to Fortniten's new fix

What's in Fortune this week and what's armed? Patch v9.40 provides one new weapon, reduces second and unvaults third.

The new weapon is Tactical Shotgun, which is the fourth shotgun to drop in the mean time. It does extra injury than other shotguns, and has no loss-making worth, so now that is one. It's both epic and legendary versions.

The gun to the vault is a suppressed Bolt-Motion Sniper as a result of it has been replaced by a daily Bolt-Action Sniper. No matter whether it is an enchancment or not, it is determined by your personal choice

Learn the notes under for Fortnite Patch v9.40, comparable to common bug fixes and recreation tweaks.

Fortnite patch v9.40 [19659006

  • 83/87 maximal injury.
  • 1.5 photographs per second
  • eight pieces
  • Headshot coefficient 2.25.
  • Obtainable

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is now a smaller zoom when configured.

  • Remark by Epic: This can be a change within the quality of life that helps improve usability

Combat Shotgun modifications

  • Decreased head to issue from 1.7 to 1.5
  • Combat Shotgun's long-range efficiency
  • The lowered descent curve ranges from

to 2.44 tiles (unchanged)

4.88 tiles to Four.39 tiles.

9.77 Tiles 6.84 Tiles

19.53 Tiles 11.72 Tiles

  • Remark by Epic: When you will have observed current modifications in injury, we decided to additional scale back its long-range effectivity and change the curve to fall slightly extra with different shotguns however nonetheless keep a singular taste.


  • Suppressed Bolt-Motion Sniper Rifle

Epic and Legendary Variations


Rare, epic and legendary variants.

Bug fixes

  • Drum is now proper with the Shotgun
  • Fastened a bug the place the boot disk couldn’t be destroyed with quickcut.


  • Eradicating stacking and overflowing gadgets will not lead to the present

As an alternative of dropping the presently outfitted weapon, the overflow will drop.

  • Gamers will now routinely gather consumables if they’re already in stock and haven’t been maximized.

] If the automated retrieval fills the stack, the overflow will probably be removed.

  • The new Glider and Harvesting Software has been added to the house owners of Save the World's founder packages.

Bug fixes

  • Fastened an issue with Provide Drone packing containers not visible when players shoot
  • Provide Drones not stays in place after they get stuck for too long.
  • Modified Invert to "Aircraft Keyboard Controls" to "Invert Airbne Keyboard Controls" within the Preferences menu to mirror the truth that aircraft automobiles
  • Fastened some edge instances with a injury quantity display rounded down for some shotgun checks.
  • Blueprint doors repeatedly play when gamers build.
  • Gamers can now decide up gadgets extra simply
  • Foot controls now permit players to rotate the subsequent and former weapon.
  • Bushes not forestall players from therapeutic with Chug Splash.
  • If a player makes use of Shadow Bomb to drive a car, the Shadow Bomb impact will not stay lively after the impact has ended.
  • Chug Splash is now in the correct order for the right-hand space for storing when it was introduced, like others
  • Fastened a problem the place players would experience an unusually sluggish slip after utilizing Rift-to-Go.
  • Bar-related consumables (Defend Potion, Med Package, and so on.) at the moment are usable by gamers
  • Fastened a rare drawback that contained Shadow bombs that did not permit the wall to bounce at certain corners.
  • Players can not leap out of cornfields once they use a shadow bomb.
  • Players can not bounce out of Slipstreams when using a shadow bomb
  • Fastened a problem the place Fortbytes 4, 67, 70, and 89 tires aren’t visible even when the player has used the correct cosmetics.
  • through the use of the Deep Dab signal, it now has a delay before players can shoot after it’s launched
  • Fastened a problem where the injury to the shields induced VFX to look greater than regular and stop players from seeing. [19659057] Improvements to Foot Control


Better Car Management for Quad Crasher


New Event: Xbox Cup (July 20th and 21st) [$1,000,000 in Cash Prizes!]

  • Solo Gaming
  • Event is Open to all Xbox One players and doesn’t require any distribution on Area.
  • The prize pool can be distributed to all server areas when official rules and knowledge can be revealed later this week. Examine the event inside the recreation program for actual occasions.
  • Type:

20. July – Spherical One: All Eligible Players

21. July – 2nd Round: 1500 Gamers in Spherical One

New Event: Trios Cash Cup (July 21) [$1,000,000 in Cash Prizes!]

  • Trios Recreation Mode
  • Participation on this occasion requires gamers to enter the Champion League recreation before the beginning of the occasion.
  • The prize pool might be distributed to all server areas, official rules and knowledge will probably be revealed later this week. Examine the event inside the recreation program for actual occasions.
  • Form:

One Day Event – July 21st

Tour One: All Eligible Players

Tour Two: Prime 150 Teams Spherical One


  • This flag may be selected and altered from player profile .
  • When a ticket is modified or selected, gamers will be unable to change their tickets once more for 30 days.
  • A player's flag is seen to others once you go to a player's profile and event event.
  • Two or extra player teams shall be proven a flag selected by nearly all of the group. If there isn’t any majority, the Earth's flag shall be displayed.
  • We launch a begin group with a total of 37 flags.


  • Improved Zipline Server Performance
  • Improved Chug Jug Performance
  • Optimize the best way by which shortcuts emerge to scale back alternative


  • Improved consistency of enemy footprint and altered volume decrease to logarithm to scale back sound more naturally.
  • Discount of a few voices:


Proximity Launch Explosion

Environmental Respiration of Slipstream Platforms

  • A wall-sounding sound layer was added to nearby battles as a further alert that the enemy shoots the structure you’re dealing with


] Wooden / stone / metallic bullet effects are not quiet on Cellular / Change

  • Revolver's sound is not silent on Cellular / Change

  • UI

    Males u & Social Panel Updates:

    • Input Perform Bringing either an Escape menu or a Social Panel, both now appear within the lobby and through the match.
    • The third tab is added to the Social Panel.
    • The Escape menu and the highest bar acquired a visible replace


    • Added a new Edit From Contact setting if you need to disable / disable modifying (default is enabled). 19659103] Bluetooth microphones have supported voice chat
    • Emote wheel buttons at the moment are greater.


    • Air Strike descriptions not create giant polygonal contours.
    • Resolved voice chat issues when becoming a member of another participant's get together
    • The chest at the Neo Tilted Lodge is now open.
    • The wallet in the Lifetime Refund display is now displayed appropriately.
    • Display instructions are displayed appropriately. & # 39; t c
    • The "Tournament Area" textual content on the Competition tab is bigger.
    • The Map Marker HUD Format shouldn’t be displayed when it is within the Battle Bus area.
    • Emote HUD Format
    • Players Can Cycle Cosmetics Utilizing the Contact Pad
    • The Proper SFX Is Enjoying When Revolver is Outfitted
    • Graphic Improvement on the Miracle
    • Storm Eye Glider and Storm Bolt Harvesting Software Present the Proper VFX
    • ] Graphic Improvement of Flutter Gown
    • Graphic Enchancment of Graphic Mild Contrasts
    • Lantern contrail is displayed appropriately within the recreation.

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    // revolution slider

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    startheight: 600,
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    hideThumbs: 200,

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    thumbHeight: 50,
    thumbAmount: 5,

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    navigationArrows: "alone",
    navigationStyle: "round"

    navigationHAlign: "center"
    navigationVAlign: "bottom"
    navigationHOffset: zero,
    navigationVOffs: 20,

    soloArrowLeftHalign: "left"
    soloArrowLeftValign: "center"
    soloArrowLeftHOffset: 20,
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    soloArrowRightValign: "center"
    soloArrowRightHOffset: 20,
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    jQuery (& # 39; # steam). Show ();

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