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What have we obtained from Fortnite Season 9 and what have we lost? We acquired a variety of new buildings and buildings, but at the expense of many others… and unusually, Pump Shotgun.

Along with probably the most fascinating – and useful – map, there’s the Slipstream, a wind that blows across the island and provides gamers a simple zip from one area to another by driving. Different additions embrace Neo Tilted, a alternative metropolis for Tilted Towers, a Mega Mall (alternative retail row) and a pressurized powerhouse constructed for the volcano itself.

When requested about Pump Gun's vault, certainly one of Fort's oldest and still lively (to date) weapons, Epic stated "" We would like every season to start out recent and provides a new gaming experience and new Seasonal content … Particularly with regards to Pump Shotguns, they they stand out considerably: they presently make up greater than 26% of the elimination of playlists when the subsequent weapon doesn't even source. “

” As an alternative of getting the Pump Shotgun button not stand at the point where it not endures its fantasy, our favorite is to deliver it again to the vault and allow us to evaluation the overall stability of the merchandise and introduce a new shotgun. "In a nutshell: it will probably return sooner or later, however it’s a must to wait for an additional Rune Quest and / or vol

Epic's complete notes are under the video


  • Added Fight Shotgun
  • Semi-automated
  • Holds 10 shells
  • Fires 9 pellets / shot 73/77/81 for primary injury.
  • Tight Unfold
  • Loading 2 Items at a Time
  • Obtainable in rare, episodic and legendary variants.
  • Out there on Flooring, Enclosures, Feed Drops and Vending Machines
  • Adjusted Tactical Shotgun Injury
  • Primary Injury Increased from 66/70/74 to 71/75/79
  • Decreased Drum Point Qualities from 16.732% to 7.155% [19659019] Decreased Boat Boat Availability from 1,292% – 0,755%
  • Unvaulted Grenades
  • Vaulted Clingers
  • Vaulted Buried Treasure
  • Vaulted Pump Shotgun
  • Vaulted Poison Dart Lure
  • Vaulted Scoped Revolver
  • Vaulted Suppressed Assault Rifle Thermal Assault Rifle
  • Arches

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Turbo build
  • The odor bomb damages sound and results when you don’t harm yourself.
  • Fastened the shadow bomb typically when the participant was not seen invisible on the Xbox One for the primary time.
  • Pirate Cannon digital camera issues as a result of community latency have been resolved.
  • Reboot Card sound results are not performed in Playback mode when Van is in Cooldown mode.
  • The sound results of the Reboot Van card are not heard when an equal connection is misplaced.


  • Slipstreams
  • These wind tunnels passively move players down.
  • Gamers can transfer quicker and alter course whenever you attempt to move actively down the Stream
  • Use directional input to get additional velocity.
  • Players are launched once they depart the pipeline on the idea of their velocity and exit velocity
  • Tasks and automobiles may also be transferred to Slipstream
  • Air Vents
  • Fortbytes
  • Fortbytes is a collection of 100 collectible pc brands obtainable for Battle Move – house owners. Once you acquire Fortbytes packages, extract the mysterious picture. Gather them to unlock all prizes and reveal the secrets and techniques of season 9.
  • On the first day of season 9, there are 18 Fortbytes. No less than 1 new Fortbyte is opened daily. On the Challenges tab, verify the small print of which Fortbytes are at present obtainable and when others shall be opened.
  • Fortbytes can’t be collected at the finish of season 9.
  • Related gamers keep on the earth for 60 seconds.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fastened a problem that occurred within the consumer interface that misused health positive aspects if the participant canceled the consumption time near the completion time.
  • The lighting of the PS4 controller does not all the time match
  • Players are unable to use the Maintain Swap choice if they beforehand chose the merchandise usually
  • The adjusted turbo building is forgiving in poor network circumstances
  • Fastened jittery motion instances [19659054] LIMITED TIME INSTALLATION:


    Classical Battle of Royale and Triple Groups


    Struggle to the finish using legendary weapons



    Low weight. Each participant has 50 well being. Sniper weapons are the one weapon, bindings are the one healing object. Bounce excessive and nicely!


    • Gamers who’ve already been awarded the World Cup have been awarded the World Championship Occasion Prizes
    • Management groups now have a button to type video games by quantity-leading gamers. This helps to determine an important lively video games in the everlasting record view
    • The HUD in play now has numerous icons for Area matches and weekend event video games.


    • Nintendo Change


    • Better Tactical Sound on Constructed-In Buildings:
    • Enemy Pickaxe Effect ~ Inside One Tiles of a Building
    • Preventing Close to / Behind Enemy Participant Much Clearer / Better harsher
    • Enhancements in explosion sound – shorter, greater dynamic ranges that make the explosion sound clearer and thinner



] Bug fixes and improvements

  • "Change" within the Pickup UI The text not appears if you add assets as the player can carry.
  • The original storm warning timer was incorrect y is displayed as 0.
  • Viewers and viewers can now report customers.
  • Fastened get together invites that are not displayed in the consumer interface, if the consumer is logged out and again.


  • Viewing Participant Match


  • Automated Hearth Starts in Automobiles
  • Added choice to add elimination enter line to HUD Format Device.
  • Drag / Drop from the Fast Line is Now
  • Button on the Android button for X-Stormwing has been moved to keep away from launching the House button.
  • Squad formation is now obtainable.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Gun Icons Now Show Icons Appropriately in the Quick Line
  • Fastened Sliders Breached in the Lifeless Zone Tab of Controller Settings.
  • Auto.
  • Semi Automation
  • Elevated Train Delay for Searches
  • The Dynamite movement detector is now appropriately displayed throughout operation.
  • Ziplines can not run previous their endpoints
  • Autorun can not stand over
  • The cooling timer that is visible on the elevators on automobiles is now displayed appropriately.
  • The digital camera not shakes when X-Stormwing comes
  • The left virtual thumb is not invisible whenever you hold the left or right edge and press the hearth button.
  • The Harvest Device consumer interface button in HUD is not invisible.
  • The staircase railing on Pleasant Park not holds the door.
  • Dream Cosmetics Seems to be Right Now:
  • Butterfly
  • Eye Burning Impact
  • Widow's Chew pickaxe drawback of visual energy has been
  • The Cooldown Ring Timer that Briefly Exhibits Cannon Seat Alternative
  • Work together The icon is not misplaced with sure consumables.
  • Enter Blocked textual content not seems when an inventory is opened.
  • Store arrows now seem appropriately on iPhone XS Max.
  • A reprocessed default button format that is suitable with totally different automobiles (Enter, Exit, Change Seat and Increase)


  • The Sub-recreation select display has been updated. ]
  • Enhancing Visibility of Giant Social gathering Foyer Pillows
  • Squad Icons for Giant Events Can't Show Empty Drills Ready
  • Selecting a Highlighted Group Member within the Lobby Driver Can Not Present Various Options
  • right as a hologram when he is at present joining an interconnected participant
  • Retransmitted Squad Formation Message
  • Fastened Invisible Sign


  • Gamers are left within the social gathering's voice channel by default once they take the match. The game channel continues to be out there, but the change is not automated.
  • Added setting to show audio chat screens.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Instructed associates in social panel matching strategies booter
  • Sit Out / Leap In button in Squad Formation is now displayed appropriately
  • Sending good friend request to advised pal not succeeds
  • Can one nonetheless submit celebration invites when they are joined and put aside for a "Friend" celebration
  • Confirmed probably incorrect notification message when connecting to a channel
  • The audible alerts are not hooked up to the display once they depart the get together when members converse
  • Fastened Duplicate Duplicate


  • Optimized Eye Adaptation Effects
  • Optimized Animation Results for ControlRig (Werewolf, Krampus).

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