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How to use audience awareness to create higher converting post-click landing pages

How to use audience awareness to create higher converting post-click landing pages

Even "optimized" landing pages – with clear design, easy type, fascinating image, robust worth proposition, and so forth. – shall be deficient if it is to serve most of the people.

This deficiency continues. costlier. PPC campaigns are costlier; Natural search is more competitive.

So how do you retain yourself from losing clicks? By segmenting your audience based mostly on awareness. Once you understand their wants, you may give it to them – and produce more results.

This publish will undergo every stage of audience awareness to present you:

  1. How to determine clients which are doubtless to belong to every stage;
  2. Channels to Goal Potential Consumers;
  3. landing page rules to make it easier to reach them successfully.

Segments Based mostly on Public Awareness

A post-click landing page that converts your customer's e-mail listing (who already is aware of about your brand and what you do) into conveying a unique message than somebody making an attempt to convert chilly visitors (people who do not know who you’re) .)

Creating an Audience Phase Groups Comparable Audiences to enable you to create relevant advertising messages (advertisements, landing pages, emails, and so forth.) that meet their specific needs to allow them to higher convert in your web page.

Schwartz's five levels of awareness

Eugene Schwartz introduced 5 levels of public awareness in her ebook Breakthrough Promoting. Although the guide was revealed in 1952, marketers and copywriters are nonetheless utilizing their concepts to better understand how to market to the public.

Each stage of awareness represents the degree to which shoppers perceive:

  • their ache level;
  • solutions that they will use to relieve their pain;
  • your product as a solution;
  • the power of your product to remedy their drawback.

The 5 levels of consciousness are:

  1. most acutely aware. Opportunity to know their drawback and product and look for the correct supply.
  2. Product Conscious. Alternatives find out about your product, however are usually not positive if the product is true for them.
  3. aware of the solution. The power to know what they need but don't know in case your product gives it.
  4. Drawback conscious. One sees that they’ve a problem, but doesn’t know that there’s a answer.
  5. utterly ignorant. Opportunity has no information of drawback or answer.

Customizing your landing pages to the extent of public awareness will help you current the correct info on the right time. For example, suppose you sell bill software to two totally different clients:

  • customer 1 needs to create better invoices for patrons, but doesn’t know that such an answer exists (drawback aware)
  • customer 2 is in search of bill software however they only haven't decided which to purchase (product conscious).

Your landing page ought to concentrate on totally different subjects:

  • buyer 1: A replica of the landing page and different parts spotlight how your product will help them remedy their issues.
  • Customer 2: The landing web page focuses on explaining the advantages they get when choosing your answer. Clarify pricing factors, listing features – differentiate your supply from different markets.

But how do you determine which visitor is Buyer 1 or Buyer 2? Depending on the source of the visitors. A visitors source – although not a guarantee – helps you perceive the overall degree of awareness of most visitors.

For example, a consumer performs a Google search for "advanced conference cameras" in a "solution-aware" step: They know they want a convention digital camera with a certain function (versatility), however might not know which model or manufacturers they are taken with.

Google will then return the ad to the Assembly Owl Conference Digital camera:

Because the consumer knows they have a convention digital camera drawback, the landing web page will concentrate on explaining the features of the product and how the product works:


Here is how to apply these similar insights to all levels of consciousness.

1. Creating Landing Pages for “Most Conscious” Audiences

The Most Acutely aware Audience phase consists of a chance that is already acquainted with your brand and aware of your product.

Who belongs to this class?

These views are in all probability already registered in your e mail publication, subscribe to your blog, or comply with you on social media. They could also embrace customers who’ve bought something from you. In this case, you possibly can sell or cross-sell to them or to users who are near to purchase but not.

What channels do you have to use to target them?

You’ll be able to target probably the most knowledgeable audiences by means of the next channels:

  • E-mail. For audiences who’ve already subscribed to your weblog or who’ve signed up for a suggestion, you’ll be able to use the e-mail landing pages to direct them in the direction of further gives.
  • re-targeting. These are the audiences who’ve already visited your website or clicked on your ad and landed in your landing page.
  • social media. Use social media posts to direct them in the direction of a selected supply.
  • brand-specific PPC campaigns. You can even goal probably the most knowledgeable audiences on related landing pages once they sort in brand-specific queries for serps (including competitor manufacturers).

What questions does the landing page have to answer?

Most acutely aware audience landing pages ought to answer the next questions:

  • What other solutions do we provide? (this is for present clients you are trying to sell or cross-sell)
  • What are the advantages of your product / service?
  • How a lot does it value?
  • How profitable have past guests been together with your product?

Embrace footage or videos demonstrating how product is useful, how straightforward it’s to use, after which direct them to a name to motion for buy or trial (depending in your buying technique).

For example, Grammarly uses e-mail advertising to improve grammar activities for current shoppers. The landing page highlights the advantages of the product, mentions the worth, presents the client expertise and includes a name to action that takes the visitor immediately to the registration type:

2. Creating Landing Pages for the "Product Aware" Audience

Product Conscious audiences find out about your model and your product, however are nonetheless hesitant to buy because they will't determine if your product is the perfect answer for them.

Who belongs to this category?

The Product Aware audience has visited your website or gross sales page and should have even signed up for a free supply, however they have not yet been transformed to clients.

What channels do you have to use to goal them?

You possibly can goal your Product Aware audience by means of the following channels:

  • Remarketing Advertisements. Use remarketing campaigns to attain visitors who visited your web site however didn't enroll once they bought your product.
  • E-mail Advertising. In case you have a consumer's personal info, you can even reach them via remarketing campaigns by way of e-mail advertising.

What questions does the landing page have to reply?

Product-aware audience landing pages ought to reply the following questions:

  • Why ought to a consumer choose your answer? (Affirm consumer request for product).
  • How does your product work?
  • Why is your product one of the best answer to an audience drawback?
  • How does it stand out from other products available on the market?

Use customer certificates to spotlight how your product gives one of the best deal available on the market. Product brokers are in all probability already acquainted with your product group and probably your product. You could find a way to shine (or utterly override) the essential features or benefits of your answer.

Let's take a look at Workamajig's Remarketing Ad and Landing Page, which promotes the presentation of the product. The web page has few copies and exhibits an image of the product's dashboard, full with a video of how the product works:

The Vimeo remarketing advert leads to this cowl web page. It has pricing options and features and advantages of the product:

3. Creating Landing Pages for the "Solution Aware" Audience

Answer Aware audiences know that their drawback is the answer, they only don't know that you’ve the answer.

Who belongs to this category?

You'll in all probability find these audiences in a blog submit at the prime of the channel or by downloading walled content material associated to their challenge. For instance, a consumer struggling to set up a PPC marketing campaign can sign up for a PPC agency webinar or read weblog posts describing how to arrange successful paid campaigns. The Answer Aware audience strategy is to warm them up with content material that explains how your answer helps clear up their problems by shifting from one stage of awareness to another.

What channels do you have to use to goal them?

You’ll be able to goal the Answer Aware audience by way of the next channels:

  • organic search. Lead magnets in blog posts may help you capture the emails of your potential clients and present the potential value of your answer.
  • Squeeze Pages: These brief display pages persuade users to offer you their contact info in change for a content material resource (reminiscent of a information, e-book or spreadsheet) to help them clear up their problems.

Use psychological info, similar to consumer activities, pursuits, and opinions, to create robust buyer leads that assist be sure that the web page supply and messages you provide are relevant to the consumer. You’ll be able to acquire psychological knowledge from Google Analytics and buyer surveys. Use the Studies tab, then select Audience> Demographics or Audience> Interests. Then, take a look at the Demographics report and analyze the high-level view of your audience. You possibly can click on on the "Other category" dimension to see the inhabitants interests.

What questions does the landing page have to answer?

Answer Conscious audience landing pages should reply the following questions:

  • Is there an answer to their drawback?
  • How does your product clear up their drawback?
  • What are the benefits / options of your answer?

You sell tender to the Answer Conscious audience, so your landing web page communications ought to type a report. Tell prospective shoppers how your answer can remedy their drawback.

Kuno Artistic launched a content and remarketing campaign for a pharmaceutical manufacturer with the purpose of generating referrals and enhancing brand awareness amongst dialysis professionals. To increase brand awareness, Kuno created relevant content via blog posts, e-books, and so forth. Because the consumer engaged with the content, the company designed them with gated materials that encouraged them to study extra – shifting customers from the funnel down to the demo page. A brand new demo page targeted on the UVP and options of the product will lead the audience to a new demo web page, lead to a 283% improve in conversions, and a further potential income of $ 30,000 per sale.

Here is a comparison between the previous Contact Us page and the new optimized demo landing web page:

The Instapage Most popular Associate landing page highlights how a solution may help businesses with out having to endure. product-specific info:

four. Creating Landing Pages for the "Problem Aware" Audience

Drawback Conscious audiences know they have an issue, but they have no idea your brand. They haven’t subscribed to your blog and usually are not receiving your publication.

Who belongs to this category?

You’ll be able to often find these audiences by way of PPC advertisements on serps and social media.

Their search queries are doubtless to be broad but not product / function specific. For instance, a consumer who has problem managing social media campaigns might look for "how to implement social media campaigns" relatively than "social media management tools."

Which channels do you have to use to target them?

You possibly can target a Acutely aware Audience by means of the next channels:

  • PPC Advertisements. Create search and social media ad campaigns that focus on these "problem-centric" queries. Use related lengthy key phrases.

What questions does the landing page have to answer?

Landing web page difficulty for acutely aware audiences should reply the next questions:

  • What’s their drawback?
  • Why have they got to clear up their drawback?
  • How is your product the solution to their drawback?
  • Have individuals with the problem solved the identical drawback successfully?

The Drawback Conscious audience landing page must be displayed to an audience that understands their ache. Specializing in buyer experiments that show how earlier customers have solved the same drawback could be a powerful software.

After clicking on a PPC ad, Trello presents its products to users, focusing on how it will help corporations achieve their aim of straightforward collaboration. :

5. Creating Landing Pages for utterly ignorant audiences

Creating landing pages for utterly ignorant audiences is probably the most troublesome process as a result of although these audiences are the logical view of your product, they have no idea about your product they usually want it.

As Schwartz says:

And eventually – the hardest. Alternative both does not know its want or want – or it does not truthfully acknowledge it without directing you to it in your ad – or the need is so basic and amorphous that it’s opposed to condensing it right into a single headline – or it’s a secret that can’t be worded.

That is the dimension of the consciousness scale. These are the people who find themselves nonetheless the logical view of your product; and the veterinarian, in their thoughts, is a whole lot of miles away to approve the product. Your job is to fill this hole.

These audiences are your basic chilly visitors. They have no idea who you’re, that your product exists or which you could remedy the issue for them.

Who belongs to this category?

Utterly ignorant audiences have comparable characteristics together with your target audience, but you haven't but joined your brand on social media, your website, or your landing pages.

What channels do you have to use to goal them?

You’ll be able to goal utterly ignorant audiences using the next channels:

  • Google Advertisements: Use the Google Advertisements audience audience search and audience concept options. audience concentrating on, and create ad campaigns. Audience Search helps you find more audiences which might be also related to your search phrases.

Audience Ideas will aid you select the appropriate audience in your product or brand and improve your objective by reaching your goal audience in the goal market. You’ll be able to recommend which audiences are better suited to your advertisements. Google Advertisements makes use of recommendations for giant amounts of aggregated advertising info, which might help you attain the most effective audience in your advertisements and probably allow you to find new audiences.

  • Social Media Advertisements: Use social media advertisements resembling Fb advertisements to target audiences that share comparable options together with your goal audience. For instance, Lookalike audiences can embrace and exclude individuals who meet sure criteria. Choosing this feature will routinely add or exclude people who meet the added standards. You can even use narrowing audience activity to goal all individuals who meet your criteria. Nevertheless, watch out when creating slender audience lists in order that it isn’t too particular so that it turns into ineffective.

Belle Fever, an Australian jewelery firm, used Fb-like audiences, Lookalike audiences, video advertisements, and Messenger to develop 65% of its clients and three.5% of its income.

The corporate needed to find extra clients through the use of a collection of video-click messaging advertisements. They followed Fb Pixel to monitor and goal users who had not purchased anything on the web site for 180 days, and in addition used Lookalike audiences to goal customers who match those audiences. Finally, the marketing campaign was successful, resulting in a four-fold return on promoting prices.

What questions does the landing page have to answer?

Landing pages for a totally ignorant audience should answer the following questions:

  • What’s your product?
  • Does it clear up the problem?
  • How does it remedy the problem?
  • What makes your model credible?

The web page ought to spotlight what your product can do after which supply something at no cost to heat up to your audience. Shorter pages are probably to carry out better: These users are extra doubtless to browse your page without intending to purchase, in order that they have a shorter focus.

Noomi's show ad and landing web page present a better method to drop pounds. Whenever you click the call-to-action button on your landing web page, you'll be prompted to enter your weight, peak, age, and eating habits. As soon as uploaded, they’ll ask on your e mail tackle to be able to send a free personal eating and training schedule:

Now that Noomi has a consumer e-mail handle, they will then begin sending customers content that tells them more about Noom's answer.


What helps you change views on landing pages? Creating landing pages that take consumer awareness under consideration.

Segments audiences by degree of awareness. Your campaigns and the top end result are both commendable.