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Power Tool: Clarity vs. Chaos –

Power Tool: Clarity vs. Chaos -

Training Software Created by Ivana Krcivoj
(Life Coach, CROATIA)


Coaches can use quite a lot of tools throughout training. On this context, the facility software is designed to strongly change the client's perspective.

Perspective is the best way we see the world. That is how we expect and see what happens to us.

Some views serve us and some don’t. Crucial factor is to seek out what does not serve us and transfer it to the authoritative perspective.

Deep reflection and powerful question play a key position in this process

Once I created my power software I discovered that:

If we need to stay consciously, it is very important obtain a sure clarity. And from this clarity, the following steps arise:

Additional, I used to be questioning what really could be supported by somebody who feels caught or lost in some moments. We all have such moments once we make massive or small selections

And from the viewpoint of teaching – clients typically simply need readability because of a coaching session. Clarity is robust

Clarity is just like the wind behind – it provides us impulse ahead.

In this power device you’re requested to deepen your understanding of what’s readability and what is chaos. The methods talked about in this power software are just my suggestion. Uncover what works greatest for you. Thus, the primary part of this power device is reflection – give yourself time to mix the which means of Clarity and Chaos

This power device is intended for inspiration and guide

for all

What is Clarity?

Quality of the Cambridge Dictionary:

  1. high quality that’s positive or positive
  2. capability to assume clearly and be confused

Clarity is sort of a protected area where ideas are clear, the guts is open and the mind knows the best way. All of us have a clear "space" in us. Only typically the surface becomes messy. A bit of chaotic.

We're like an ocean. The floor of the sea is our mind and the depth of the ocean is our essence – Soul

Although there are waves on the floor, deep within the ocean continues to be calm.

Our thoughts are waves. And there’s silence within us. All the time.

Our solely activity is to know that we’ve this capability and use it.

Clarity allows a transparent imaginative and prescient and brings readability. When we now have readability, we are positive. Once we feel confident, we will take additional steps to design a real life.

Clarity can harmonize life in several methods. It brings you to stability, strengthens self-esteem and self-love.

Within the colorful journey of private progress we attempt to discover out who we are, what we do, what our vision is, what our objectives are.

Attaining our objectives will make us feel successful. 19659004] The conclusion is subsequently easy:

 Ivana_Krcivoj_Power_Tool 2

What’s Chaos?

Cambridge Dictionary:

Chaos is an entire dysfunction and confusion. ] Many occasions we find ourselves in unclear situations and then someway our potential to assume clearly misplaced. We are confused.

At this level we have now to remember what is the perspective -> it is the method we see the world.

In different phrases, if we step into chaos, it relies upon solely on how we see the state of affairs. Perspective creates our thoughts. And that is already a strong implementation because we know that we will control our ideas.

We are the house owners and managers of protected zones. Chaos solely touches us as much as we let it touch us. Once we are aware of this, we’ve made the first step on the street that results in readability.

Nevertheless, if one needs to be completely satisfied, relaxed, and lives in a significant life, understanding and profitable the chaotic mind-set is important.

Examples of conditions which will create chaotic thoughts: [19659039] Simple grocery stores for denims (particularly ladies J)

  • Visitors jam
  • Exam
  • Necessary assembly at work
  • Delicate conversation with associate or member of the family or good friend
  • ] Job change
  • New venture or previous venture that reaches deadline
  • Getting ready for the journey
  • Learning
  • … You’ll be able to continue the record
  •   Ivana_Krcivoj_Power_Tool 3 Persevering with the record your self will help deepen awareness of the totally different situations that deliver chaos to your life.

    Typically we even design even the smallest particulars. After which it occurs in a different way. The UPS.


    Once we contemplate what’s readability and what’s chaos, we will see that chaos comes from our thoughts. Once we get drowned really, we've crashed. Unorganized ideas create chaos.

    For clarity, it is strongly recommended to make use of methods that create a extra relaxed frame of mind.

     Ivana_Krcivoj_Power_Tool 4

    We frequently overlook who we’re, how useful we’re. Principally, we concentrate on what’s missing, not on what we’ve and what we’ve achieved.

    Discover your values, strengths and study to recognize them. It's empowering and life-altering!

    Meditation focuses your complete attention on one factor. There are various meditation. You possibly can select the one that resonates most. Even simply sitting in silence and consciously respiration is enough to calm the thoughts. The objective is to quiet your thoughts and never pay attention to them. Then your inside self, your being, can converse.

    No matter which meditation method you select, give your self time.

    Be patient and delicate with your self once you begin from this divine follow.

    Because grateful is a strong software in itself. It is certainly one of our most lovely experiences. I like to recommend a properly-recognized gratitude method. Or just grateful thoughts. It really works wonders in your life and the individuals around you.

    Forgiveness is another miraculous means of consciously making a gift of what does not serve us. We’re grateful on your experience and learning. Forgiveness is a deep and powerful course of that creates a tremendous sense of lightness

    Nowadays, most of us have lost contact with nature. We’re operating between buildings and not forgetting the sounds of nature… not forgetting the voices of silence… Give yourself a gift every so often, where you spend time in nature, with no mobile phone.

    Reflection on Self-Software

    Under is a set of questions that may facilitate the transition from chaos to readability.

    • What’s clarity for you?
    • How does it look?
    • What is chaos for you?
    • How does it appear to be a chaotic state of affairs?
    • What does it appear to be to you in the event you select clarity over chaos?
    • ] What is a Favourite Method?
    • What tip do you give to a good friend who has chaotic moments?
    • What conduct do you show if you find yourself in chaos mode?
    • How can clarity grow
    • What do you value about your self?
    • Discover your strengths – for example, through the use of this check: [19659076] Ivana_Krcivoj_Power_Tool 5 "width =" 516 "height =" 248 "/>

      Coaching program

      One of the most valuable gifts coaches can provide their customers with a secure space for emotional silence. In this mode, the customer can really expand and change.

      Coaches support their customers for greater clarity. We can also say that coaching is a visionary because it supports the customer towards his vision. clarity is essential

      As coaches we need to be aware of our own degree of clarity, when the coach is in place, the coach can provide the customer with a safe trust space. To be able to keep this space for the customer throughout the session, the coach must be aware, calm and genuinely present.

      Training questions

      An effective query is one ke With an effective survey, the customer can move his / her point of view and change his / her mindset.

      There are no prescriptions for these big questions. Effective questions arise from deep, intense listening. Sometimes these questions are actually very simple but really thought-provoking.

      And coaching is about challenging our customers and supporting them on their journey

      • What is clarity for you? What is chaos for you?

      We all have our own clarity / chaos; It is important to understand the customer's perspective here. By asking such simple questions we avoid confusion and offer our customers unreasonable space

      • How can clarity support you in this situation?

      It's important to combine the impact of the situation with the customer. Who is in this situation? How does the situation affect the customer?

      • How does

        make you feel?

      Coaching is about a holistic approach. We combine the emotional, spiritual, spiritual and physical aspects of human nature. This is the reason why we also use coaching to find out how the client feels in certain situations. These types of questions may not work smoothly with all customers (if a person is more mind-oriented, it may not be easy to relate to emotions). However, some customers have a great impact because they are very emotional in nature. Use Coaching Intuition J

      Reflecting a Training Project

      • How does clarity support you in your progress in coaching?
      • What structures do you intend to make to ensure that you have clear intentions before
      • How can you support your customers when you find that they are experiencing chaos?
      • What are the techniques that you can develop to stay "thoughts" in challenging situations?


      In life, we always have periods of chaos and clarity. We danced between these two countries. As we grow up, we learn to make clarity easier, or in other words, how to step out of chaos faster.

      Obtaining clarity is the control of our own mind – because chaos happens only in our mind


      We are improving this wonderful ability, called clarity.

      When creating clarity, we make sure our lives are happy and prosperous.

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