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a sailor who doesn't know the place to go. Lucio Anneo Seneca

When youngsters are at the end of their faculty profession and progressing to their future, they feel they’re in an essential selection that requires commitment and readability. Discovering a Method After Faculty is a step – dare to say – pressured: when you don't acknowledge the route, it's straightforward to get lost and find yourself in a "place" that doesn't really belong to us.

A research that displays us and which is at the similar time unlikely to be provided by the social context at random

The selection ought to be confronted in time, constructed with endurance, belief, not forgetting "

After all, at the moment of decision-making, there is a decisive junction in all future orientation processes

in the same way, children can act as conscious and accessible choices, weighing restrictions and opportunities that reality offers and fits with the wishes of their own personalities



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When I look through a computer screen, of which they talk to me, see their future-stricken boys, I often see biting lips, smiles with uncertain eyes, I hear the rivers of words that have beautiful silences. The complicated process is a complicated process

Above all, I think boys would like to believe me as an experienced adult: they often look for points of reference and it is normal for them to express doubts, anxieties and uncertainties in the face of a choice that can significantly affect their future life.

But why is it difficult to choose? Choosing the course is perhaps one of the "youngest" moments of the boy's development

Medium years are actually a period of 13-18 years. committed to dealing with developmental tasks arising from a body perspective (physical and sexual change), from a psychological point of view (cognitive development, emotional maturity, conquest of autonomy, building identity), social dimension (relationship with parents, attitude to school, relationship with age groups, future projects) (Palmonari, 1996) ).

In this decision-making phase, choosing the future means building an identity, obliging you to consider yourself, evaluating your interests, abilities, personal qualities, past experiences, checking relationships with your family, age group, developing your future project. (Pombeni 1994).

In addition, a period of 18 to 20 years responds to a new transition phase and continues to be subject to strong contradictions.

Many evolutionary tasks have been fulfilled, others have yet to be resolved and overcome. If before the boys were busy self-sufficiency of their parents, now they have to understand the world of adults, find their place in society and begin to check if and how it is possible to realize their dreams.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the new identity by making a number of initial choices regarding work, personal relationships, values, and the model of life. All of this is certainly challenging and exciting, but at the same time it creates uncertainty, anxiety, the fear that it cannot make a mistake.


But what to decide, especially for the young?

Il Devoto There was an Italian dictionary giving us a hand proposing synonyms such as "solving", "correcting", "deliberate", "establishing", "imposing". These terms are especially strong if we think of a teenager's condition, characterized by typical continuous changes, uncertainty, uncertainty, ambivalence

Even a Latin term refers to terms such as "separate", "select", "choose", "distinguish" , "surrender", "consider", which faces us in confrontation, resistance between different possibilities and the rejection of some real realities, known, imagined, perhaps bothered.

. complex and two-way moments. Simultaneous selection means taking and leaving, comparing and separating, imagining opportunities and impossibility

Deciding is a space full of potential emotional dramas and real "storms", but it is also a dimension to observe fascinating paradoxes and trigger stimulus challenges

Coaching Participation in Decision Making [19659027] Imagine opportunities. Start exciting challenges. Starting Here


"Coaching includes a dialogue between a coach and a shopper to assist a buyer obtain a full life. That is achieved by helping the client decide what’s necessary to him and figuring out his personal reference values. With the input, the coach develops objectives based mostly on values ​​and the plan to realize them. The collaboration helps the coach to realize these objectives. "

It seems clear that the coaching technique can be with the young person to manage particularly challenging transition periods and train him to use his own resources To achieve the desired goals

The changes young people face require prospects for the future, they need hope, optimism and the courage to resist threats and difficulties by learning lo end of risk management. uncertainty. And coaching, which is influenced by positive psychology, gives neutral and even positive meanings to uncertainty and risk, given that they are essential challenges.

"Coaching is a continuous partnership aimed toward creating options and methods for a customer who is of course artistic and creative."

The "constructive" approach to coaching therefore supports the customer to think and act according to the dimension of desire that Snyder (2000) defines. motivation. to achieve certain results and goals

I like very strong correlations between the coaching method and the psychology approach of positive psychology, which talks about hope as a capability:

a) focus clearly on goals (verbal descriptions or visualizations)
b) identify specific strategies to achieve them ( identify and plan useful steps)
c) encourage and support motivation to use these strategies (positive internal dialogue, seek support structures to encourage each other in the next phase)

Application for coaching

Application for me

Uncertainty is such a dimension that naturally happens to me to live in my life and in the role of a coach.

So I think about how to proceed in a coaching session because the stimuli proposed by the client are many and the potential development of the Dialogue may be very interesting when it follows its agenda.

Control-centered uncertainty means that it is close to the customer with the resources it owns and to which it can pull.

The prevailing uncertainty means that the session structure is honored with the help of the PCC markers in order to promote clarity, listening, deepening, awareness and action of the goals. Particularly with children, I think it is important to recognize their positivity, which creates trust and supports all the research (internal and external) that are necessary to make decisions, and then choose. [19659027] Applying to Training Events

Once a goal has been defined, termination may require several steps including searching for different fields: although it is a communication that defines the direction, these questions can support sessions by touching on some key points known to be missing

  • ] What it means to you … (university, school …)
  • What would you like to achieve in your life (what the values ​​are)
  • What are your passions [19659046] What are your wishes
  • What you can do naturally
  • What things do you learn to do well
  • What things do you want to continue?
  • How do you handle what happens
  • What makes you unique
  • What are your strengths
  • What others recognize in you
  • And friends? …
  • And your parents *? ….
  • What motivates you
  • How do you see yourself twenty years
  • Tell us when you made a good choice
  • How would you feel when you choose

Towards action

  • What you need to achieve your goals
  • What can help
  • What is the first thing you do
  • How do you do it
  • ] When you do it
  • What else could you do
  • What could prevent you
  • What can you do to help you to keep your commitment
  • How can I help you
  • How can you celebrate when you are

The future is at your fingertips: how to start?

Coaching is a partnership result.

"You understand: you, the stadium cheers of" phrase is a deliberate excessive and playful votes I repeat my children, when I want to encourage them and support them: when I say fe rmezza that I believe in them and that I am with them.

In return my children are smiling at me. They know their mother. I feel that my punctuation is not different: I love to be their supporters who follow, listen, recognize positive, support the gathering of knowledge, promote awareness and encourage action.

Ammatillani am next to a young and valmennusmallini FIORE indicates that I think is really worth to stay with the boys, when they begin to direct their lives as if they really want to.

 Elena Carella Power Tool 4 [1965900] Life can take different colors depending on how you interpret it. Coaching is effective because it invites you to act. Discover who you are, clarify what you want, accept the action plan and go!


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* Effective Question: And Parents …?

The family has a role

Because it has been shown that family members (not only parents, including brothers, etc.) are directly or indirectly affected by boys, it is useful to "broaden their eyes" so that children can "open" their family context and improve such support provided by family members to the decision-making process

If the coaching relationship is usually "one", in some cases it may be appropriate to direct family members to promote direct exchange of information between the main actors in the route

Family aspirations and expectations should not be demonized: often based on adult estimates . Restrictions and opportunities offered by the world and the resources of their youth

Although the information provided by the family is not exhaustive, they can be useful and can be discussed and re-negotiated from the point of view of enrichment, distension and division

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